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Excellence in every proof.

From 2011 to 2021 the power of four renowned Central New York printers came together to form the QMC Group: Quartier Printing, Midstate Printing, Cayuga Press and Brodock Press.  The incredible employees from these legacy printers brought decades of experience and rock solid, long-lasting client relationships.  This has formed the foundation and defined the culture of the QMC Group to this day.  We have been setting the standard for quality, innovation, service, and corporate responsibility ever since.

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Why we go to work every day.

The QMC Mission

To deliver high-quality commercial printing and business solutions using state-of-the-art technology and by maximizing the talents of our highly skilled employees.

The QMC Vision

  • Be customer centric, providing a positive customer experience before, during and after the sale
  • Recognize our customers’ needs and internal systems
  • Understand the importance of value and what it means to our customers
  • Utilize technology to its fullest advantage and strive to streamline internal processes
  • Remain committed to delivering superior quality
  • Maintain strong relationships with our clients


Our true colors.

  • Encourage critical thinking and call for teamwork
    and respect from our employees
  • Operate with a high degree of integrity
  • Solve problems instead of passing them down the line
  • Fast is better than slow, when achieved through
    thought and process efficiency
  • Be agile, flexible and reliable
  • Have a can-do attitude and seek to help our customers achieve peak results
  • Be easy to work with, both internally and externally
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G7 certified commercial printer

Certified to be the best

G7 is a printing standard established by the IDEAlliance—the world’s foremost certifying body for competencies, systems, materials and facilities in the printing industry.

G7 is also a universal calibration process that can be used to adjust any press or printing system to a common appearance. This quality standard nearly guarantees that your print projects will look as good as possible, achieving the same high-end result across a range of printing devices.


  • Helps printers predictably reproduce color
  • Provides a more accurate proof to press sheet match
  • Makes it easier to meet and maintain color expectations


  • Aligns all devices, substrates and inks
  • Reduces the amount of paper and ink


  • Re-prints will always look remarkably similar
  • One consistent set of color targets regardless of the device
    (digital, offset, inkjet, etc.)


Big printer. Small footprint.

Part of our mission to be a state-of-the-art printer includes our commitment to sustainability. Not only do sustainable practices represent the future of the industry, but the future of our planet as well.

Print Releaf

We are proud members of Print Releaf – the world’s first platform that automatically converts your paper footprint into actual trees. As you print, you actively replant trees in forests that need it most around the world.

  • A verification and reforestation process based on actual tree usage
  • Provides certificates and reports about the forests you have “releafed”
  • Part of the Trillion Trees Movement, decade-long journey to restore one trillion trees in forests that need it most
  • Scientists estimate that nature-based solutions, such as reforestation, can provide up to 1/3 of the emissions reductions required by 2030 to meet the Paris Agreement targets

Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi)

Science based targets provide companies with a clearly defined path to reduce emissions in line with the Paris Agreement goals.

The QMC Group has “committed” to this initiative which means:

  • We have established an emission target reduction.
  • The target has been validated by the SBTi.
  • Company-wide emissions are tracked and reported annually.

House Stocks

  • Come from sustainably managed forests (Forest Stewardship Council)

Kodak Sonora Process Free Plates

  • No longer run through a bath of chemical developer and water
  • Save water and energy
  • Remove chemicals and waste


  • Minimal paper waste in both make-ready and production sheets
  • Less ink and machine fluid usage compared to traditional
    printing presses
  • Inks are 99.5% free of Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Less energy use

Green-e Energy Certified by Sterling Planet

  • Powered by 100% renewable energy credits

G7 Certified Master Printers

  • Automated processes reduce the amount of ink and paper

Stochastic Screens

  • Reduces ink usage

Recycling Efforts

  • Papers, plastics, aluminum and cardboard
Sustainable Printing Co
Sustainable Printing Company


Proud to be a union facility.

QMC is a member of the Graphic Communications International Union, because we value a better work environment for employees, which in turn achieves better results for clients. Our workforce is well trained and communicates seamlessly. Jobs are stable. Turnover is low. Which all adds up to greater efficiency and increased productivity, day in and day out.

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