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Success Stories

Success Stories

Successful solutions through partnership.

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To promote the quality of the new KODAK PROSPER ULTRA 520 Press, Kodak created a side-by-side print comparison to the gold standard of offset printing. They chose QMC. Our bright, vibrant, colorful test answered the call, setting the highest bar for print quality – the side-by-side comparison turned out beautiful, and it was featured in the UK’s Printweek magazine.

UV Printing Services

ARQUIVISTAS | Dorow Collection

This luxurious large-format photography book features 100 breathtaking crystal specimens from the Dorow Collection, a private gallery in Hawaii. The challenge of translating the intricacies of the photography onto paper was expertly handled by our team in collaboration with Art & Anthropology and the Dorow Collection, resulting in a stunning book that mirrors an in-person experience with these crystals. Explore the Dorow Collection and order your copy of Arquivistas at dorowcollection.com

Living Bird

When photographing and publishing pictures of birds, true representation is critical. And having a press that can replicate a wide range of brilliant colors is paramount. Living Bird, a quarterly magazine from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, trusts QMC to achieve this level of realism in every issue – doing justice to its title with every image

Photo by Ian Davies 

Art Printing Services

When this well-respected Brooklyn photographer needed an approach to a printed portfolio that aligned with his unique artistic vision, he turned to QMC. Our printing possessed the same appreciation for color and clarity of detail that makes David Prince’s work so special. And it was presented in a non-traditional, unbound book that symbolized the limitless potential of his art.