Have you ever gotten the sense that your customers just aren’t that into you anymore? If so, how can you know for sure? Here are 7 signs that your customers need more attention… and some ideas for what to do about it.

1. They aren’t buying as much.

If a regular customer stops making purchases, there is a problem.

2. They aren’t buying as frequently.

If you’re a sandwich shop and a regular customer who used to stop in two or three times a week is now only coming in a few times per month, that spells trouble.

3. They aren’t using your loyalty program.

Loyalty programs are designed to keep customers engaged. If customers stop using the program, you need to know why.

4. They aren’t using your app.

Apps make it easy for customers to engage with your brand. If they stop using it, why?

5. They are logging into your website less frequently.

Are customers no longer going online to read your content or browse your inventory? They might be losing interest.

6. They’ve stopped redeeming coupons.

Is coupon redemption falling off overall? Or just for specific customers? The answer can tell you a lot.

7. Other communication patterns are changing.

Pay attention to other places customers may be disengaging. Are open rates to your marketing emails and e-newsletters dropping? Are customers no longer engaging with you on social media?

Use more than just your sales data to take the pulse of the relationship with your customers. If you think there might be trouble, consider all of the factors that might be involved. If your loyalty program participation is down, for example, but your app use is up, then the issue is likely with the loyalty program. But if the numbers are down in multiple areas, the problem could be more extensive.

If you detect a problem, be prepared to ask questions. Are your products still in line with your customers’ needs? Are you offering sufficient value? Are you sufficiently rewarding the loyalty of existing customers? To get answers, use print and email surveys. Solicit feedback by email, on your website, and on your social media platforms, then act on what you learn.

Direct mail and email are for more than just selling products. They are excellent customer recon tools, too. Use data as your eyes and marketing communications as your ears—and keep those customer relationships strong.