Looking around, most companies are making the same claims these days. They offer great products at great prices. What sets you apart? This is where customer experience (CX) becomes so important. Customer experience is more than customer service. It’s everything about how people experience your company, from the direct mail pieces you send to how you handle returns.

Here are three reasons investing in great CX is so important:[1]

  • Customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than companies that aren’t.
  • One in four customers is willing to pay 10% more for a great customer experience.
  • Two-thirds (66%) of customers expect companies to understand (and, by extension, respond to) their needs.

How do you create excellent CX? There is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, here are five steps you can take in your marketing efforts.

1. Make your phone number, email address, and web address easily visible on your marketing materials. Don’t make customers look for it! Ensure that your company representatives are friendly and welcoming.

2. Make your customers’ lives easier through education. Offer seminars and webinars. Tutorials. Newsletters with information valuable and relevant to your customers’ lives. Make them look forward to hearing from you.

3. Don’t send irrelevant communications. Ensure that every communication you send, whether a postcard, an email, or a text, is relevant. If you sell sporting goods, don’t promote football equipment to people who only buy volleyball gear.

4. Create customer appreciation events. Invite your customers to special appreciation events, and don’t try to sell them anything during the event. Make them feel special—just say thank you!

5. Solicit their feedback. “How can we do better?” Not only does this help you improve your communications and inform your business strategy, but asking their opinion makes them feel valued. Then act on what you learn.

Not every company has great CX, but every company can create it, starting with relevant, proactive communication. How can we help?

[1] “9 Customer Experience Trends & Stats That’ll Define the Next Year” (HubSpot April 18, 2022)