Ever wish there were a simple way to condense a wealth of marketing wisdom into a nice, neat package? This five-point checklist is a handy resource to have in your back pocket. Use all five “checks” with every campaign, every time, and you’ll get outstanding results.

  1. Craft the right message. Before you start writing copy, know your customer base and what is relevant to them. For example, if you’re a car dealership, don’t try to sell new cars to people who have purchased one within the last 12 months, even if you’re offering a great deal. Send them a discount on their next service visit instead.
  2. Target the right audience. The importance of targeting can be summed up in the experience of one diet and fitness company. The company targeted women in a specific demographic. The mailer had a great product, a great offer, and used a strong call to action. The campaign bombed. Why? The company mailed to the heads of households, which were primarily male in its target area. Make sure you are targeting the right people!
  3. Get the timing right. When you mail or blast, your communication matters— a lot. Think about donations. Charities often solicit in the spring, but unless people are regular donors, they typically do the bulk of their gifting in December, right before tax season ends. Timing can make a huge difference in your success.
  4. Select the right channel. Some people block phone calls, but read email. Others block email, but accept phone calls. Direct mail always gets through. Know your customers and what channels they prefer. Use those channels, and you’ll maximize your opportunity for success.
  5. Focus on the right reason. Successful campaigns are based not just on what people buy, but why. What are the emotional triggers that motivate your audience to make a purchase? New parents want to ensure that their children are happy and safe. New homeowners want to protect their investments. Understand the “why” as much as the “what.”

Get all five of these checkpoints right, and you have a paradigm for success!